Light and Chaos

The light of the flame is bright but in the center is the darkness.  The light seems to come out of the darkness. The source of the flame exists only in our perceptions of the light.  The flame is really zero yet in the light it gives it is one.  The illusion of one comes from the reality of the zero.  The light is the action and the flame is the intention.  The action is the only real proof of the intention.

Chaos is the “Order” of the Universe.  If we look around, we can see examples of this all around.  The systems that have the most chaos and still run are the ones that survive the longest.  The ones that strive to keep order struggle against the universe as the chaos seeps in.  They have to build a self sustaining “Miniverse” of their own in order to keep law and order.  This can never be part of the greater Macrocosm of things.  From chaos energy flows free.  Maybe energy is created by the chaos and lives inside it.