The Pain of Success

Everything in this universe has a balance, not an orderly still balance but a chaotic dynamic balance.  A balance across both time and space.  So each and every action or event has a countering force somewhere in nature.  In much the same way every action a person undertakes is driven by a force that is to him working in the opposite direction.  What drives us to do anything?  Need… Greed… and any number of other emotions.  But what drives these emotions?  What makes us need something?  It cannot be the mere absence of something that creates its need.  It is the pain of this absence that creates the need.  And what is the level of this pain.  Well it could be measured as the size of the action you are willing to take to get rid of it.  The greater the need, the more the drive to do something about it.

So now that we know that there is a pain what do we do about it?  Well you can start by looking for this pain in other people/communities or organizations around you.  You can probably see it more clearly, being outside of their circumstances and boundaries.  If you can see this pain, maybe there is something you can do about it.  By the very fact that you are external to the pain-causing situation of another person/community, you can see solutions more easily.  Now these solutions have value to someone whose pain is going to be relieved by them.  The greater the pain the more valuable the solution.  Now you have a solution that has a value, the value being determined not by you or the person in pain but by the magnitude of the pain itself.  The value could be anything, money, satisfaction, fame, etc., depending on your perspective.

In the context of business, If you can align yourself to the pain of your clients in providing all your solutions, your solutions will be absorbed by the client community without much resistance.  You must also provide solutions that do not cause additional pain either to you or to others.  This is important for your business to grow smoothly.

Success it seems then is all about finding the right kind of pain to relieve.

(These thoughts were triggered by the ideas that were put forth by someone we came in contact with in the course of a business meeting.  You can find his original thoughts at