Make the Space – 空間の作る

One of Soke’s quotes I heard in class today…

kukan no tsukuru

– to create the space.
To create the space in which you can exist. Existence happens at all points in time during a waza, but to create the space where the waza can exist is the kaname of the space. The essential point of creating options for yourself in any situation is what matters. By nature the options given by the space in which you exist are limited as it is shared by the ten, the chi and the jin who are also part of the waza. If you can move into a space that you create for yourself, you would have added more to your repertoire of possibilities. The more the possibilities you create, the more the chance that you can realize one of them naturally. Budo is then the art of creation, the creation of possibilities, the possibilities of natural flow.

The creation of possibilities emerges out of the ku, the void, the nothingness. You could look at it the same way as the universe is supposed to have been created out of nothing, out of a single point of ku and then it exploded into a infinity of possibilities, a universe of possibilities. Creation is after all what distinguishes martial art from martial sport.

If the kaname of the space is the point at which you have created options for yourself, then you are in naka ima. You are in the center of the universe of opportunities. The important thing then is to not sever the connection to this essential point in space over time.