Everytime I see

Every time I see the world, I try to take in all that I see. But as I relax into the comfort of the knowledge that I have acquired, my vision zooms out a little more and what I know seems to be too less to understand what there is. I try to see more so that I can learn more, but there seems to be no end to what there is to learn.

So now when I see, I try to see what more there is to see.

Harmonize the space and spirit

Ban pan fu gyo – 10,000 attacks, no surprises or 10,000 changes, no surprises; that is how we have always translated it. But today there was a new meaning conveyed by soke’s words – to be in harmony with everything and everyone. To be at peace with all changes would indeed mean that nothing can spring surprises. To not have barriers in the way we connect to everything around us or everyone around us. To be in harmony with one and all in spirit, to be in harmony with everything in space.

Harmonizing in space and spirit with the universe is the bushinwa, the harmony of the martial spirit or martial warrior.