Structure and Flow

For a time now, I have believed in trusting the “Flow”, the natural progression of all things, events and time as I perceive it. I cannot say that I have a better understanding of the flow than someone else or that I can see the “Flow”. Primarily for me, this has been more of a conscious decision to follow my feelings. Sometimes it has seemed clear and sometimes I have doubted it. Sometimes I “felt” all was as it should be and that I was on the right “path”. Sometimes I have felt lost and disconnected and have blatantly questioned the whole idea. No amount of thought is ever going to help me get a sure answer that is going to last beyond the moment in which I have it. In a way the only manner in which I can get “proof” of this “flow” is to go through with it and let the results speak to me.

I have always tried to reinforce my trust in this idea of “Flow” by speaking more about it to others and an interesting thing I have found is that when I am explaining or “guiding” (ridiculous for me to be saying this as I myself don’t know, but let’s just take it in good humour) someone on my idea of flow, everything I tell them, positive or negative, right or wrong, has always without exception applied to me myself. This is in spite of the whole conversation being driven by things the other person is saying, pertaining to their life, their circumstances and their perceptions. So it seems like the “Flow” has you, regardless of whether you see it or not. It is like a river flowing and you are the fish, you can swim in any direction with or against the current but when you look up you will always see a reflection of yourself.

In recent days, another question has come up frequently and prominently. Is flow the absence of “boundaries”, “limits” and “structure”? Are we therefore to always as a “rule” try to avoid structural implications in our daily life routines. This seems like a contradiction to me. Since “Flow” to me is not existing in the same context as “structure”, I feel the adding of a “rule” that we shall avoid structure, is itself a “limit” that we are imposing but this time we are imposing this on our understanding of the nature of “Flow” itself.

What if we considered “structure” in spite of its nature to not be a limiting factor for “Flow” to take its course? What if this “Structure” is just a boat that ferries you on the river’s “Flow”, a construct that allows you to more easily follow the flow when convenient while still staying afloat? You could always get rid of this construct if it hindered your progress. But as long as it helped you further your journey in the direction you prefer, keep it…

Also the “structure” may be binding for some of us and quite the opposite, an enabler, for others. Just as a diver would find a net in the water a hindrance and a fisherman, the same would be an indispensable tool. As long as the two do not cross each other’s path in a conflicting way, both should be fine with this.

This brings another interesting thought to my mind; “Flow” might be different things to different people, just as the rainbow may “inspire” an artist while a farmer may “rejoice” at the prospect of the rain it bodes. (Just realized I have quoted so many words here, it might seem like I’m redefining the language :), but I am in fact highlighting some meaning of the word).  So people might say flow is just freedom of movement and not being bound by direction given by logic or thought.  Other people may say flow is have all the right tools at the right time to do the right things.  Still others might say flow is having the right plan to apply in the right situations using the right protocols.  Is this going to actually change the flow or its meaning or its effects?  Doubtful.  An engineer might even look at flow as if it were the clockwork of the universe with a million hidden gears and dials that are all fit perfectly to give any one solution that you desire.  To him then, going with the flow would mean understanding those of these dials that the universe “reveals” to him at various points in time as solutions become possibilities that can be activated by the right dials.  The universe however would hardly be perturbed by this view of its own “structure” and would still function the same mysterious way it always has.  All it takes is the understanding through experience of how to find our own way to the destinations we aspire to head towards.

Such diversity in views and perceptions are what makes the universe what it is in a way, enigmatic and infinite.  How then do all these different people work together?  If some of us are more open to a chaotic universe filled with opportunities and some others are more entrenched in a universe perfectly explained by scientific reason bound by mortal laws or rules and still others only believe that true faith is the only real fabric of universal flow.  How do we sew these different types of cultural and personal perceptions into one unified garment that can adorn our common goals?  Maybe we just need to understand each other, accept who everyone is and position ourselves and everyone else in the best possible way to deliver the maximum effect.  A Button will be a button and a seam will be a seam, but If you bring them together properly, there is synergy and symbiosis.  If you try to make the button malleable or the seam rigid, we lose the essence of each and are left with nothing but formless, nebulous objects of no practical use.

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