The value of what is given away

We all like to be seen as people who are giving in nature. We even give away a lot of things. But what happens after? Once you have given to someone, do you expect something back? Why? This means you attach a value to the thing you have given away and want a return in equal value. This is not true giving. If you are really giving something, the value of that thing that you give away should be zero to you. In reality giving something away is like devaluing the thing for yourself.

However what you give may have value to the receiver, in fact it may have great value. Or it may have no value whatsoever to the other person too. But since you attach no value to it any longer, this should not matter.

What you are giving is not the value, what you give is the opportunity for the other person to find value in the thing that is given. It is just that, an opportunity. It is a possibility, not an obligation that the other person has to take or even be interested in.

What then do you get in return? Should you never expect anything in return for what you did? Well, If you are truly giving to someone, you should expect something for yourself, but you should not expect this from the other person. You should get back happiness from the feeling of giving and freedom from the thing that is given. This only comes from yourself. So when you give others, you should return these to yourself.

If giving away has not given you back these things, then it is only a loan you have lent and what you get from yourself in return is attachment and worries.

True giving is only possible if you are already happy before you do so and so anything you get in return is redundant.

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