Edge of Knowledge

Knowledge is a ledge. It is a ledge that defines a fixed point of your understanding. It is limited by the extent of your knowing. If you go beyond this bound area of your “knowledge”, it is a drop into nothingness. Knowledge does not present a path to let you down gently. It has no function but to provide that one fixed foothold on the sheer cliff face of existence. If this is what you base your ascent on, then be aware that the limits of this support are lines you cannot cross. You may painstakingly expand the ledge, build it brick by brick, but it will never stop having a boundary. It may be farther away but it is there. You can also build ledges above you current levels of understanding and so get higher and higher. However the higher you get with this, the more the risk of crossing the boundary.

On the other side of this wall is another surface, it is not a sheer drop, it is a gentle slope that tapers down into the horizon. It presents no boundaries to cross or shapes to hold on to. It has no need to. It is a dome that you can explore. It is driven not by how much you “know” but how wise you are in treading its paths. It is the dome of wisdom. In the beginning it is a tough climb but as you get higher it gets easier. So the higher you get here, the lesser the risk.

So which is the better way to the top? Why not use both? Circle around to each side as you go higher so both “paths” are familiar…

The way of the mountain

In your way you see the heavenward rock,
Your forward march it stands to block,
As the sun melts the morning haze,
You stare the mountain in the face.

Towering to its insurmountable height,
It bears testimony to its own might.
Mounting on this courageous task,
Sheer persistence is the only ask.

At the summit when breaks the last light,
You will realize the victory of the fight.
Then shall it dawn at the time of dusk,
That the mountain was you and you were the task.