Transcend The Ineptitude Of Words

Let not the images, visions, sounds, ideas and feelings in your world be shackled in the dominion of words alone, for words are the lines bounding the free lands. The light do not fear trespassing the province of words bygone;
They are not burdened by the need to be reigned through its hands.

Enlightened and freed, they venture deep into the realms unknown. On the paths they tread, words cannot fathom the scapes presented. Words are mere specks of sparkles in the sky, no longer relevant when the sky is lit; they thrive when darkness is rampant. Like stars, they present a mere glimpse of distant suns, but none of their warmth or life.

Transform into the highest self, the soul that connects with the universe and its rhythm. See beyond the stars…

Transcend the ineptitude of words.