The Whip and the Snap

The world around us is ever changing and there lies hidden in the rifts of time, the invisible whip of what we might call luck, destiny, fate, serendipity, etc., depending on how we look at things. This whip is ever shifting and ever changing in its influence on the world we see around us. How much of it do we really see? The only things that really stand out to the vast majority of us the vast majority of the time are the final bits of the snap that the whip creates when it cracks the sound barrier. How many of us look back from that point? How many of use trace it back to its source?

We are content to keep looking at the aftermath of the little spectacle that we witnessed, never delving or bothering with the depths of circumspection it would take to go beyond what is easily seen by our eyes. The little whip on the other hand, keeps moving on, never stopping, never wavering, for it is not subject to our scrutiny or judgement. Whatever we may think of it or perceive it to be, it is already far ahead of us in our timeline to look back and offer a reaction.

Ironically in this situation, we are neither in the past looking at the source of this sonic ripple, nor are we in the future looking toward the next crack it is going to deliver. We are firmly rooted in our present. A zen monk would be proud of it if this presence were real. However in reality we think so much about the past and the future, that it is almost looks like a contradiction to the above statement. Why is it that we are looking to both the past and the future and not seeing either? What is clouding our vision?

It is the nature of our perception of the world around us. We tend to look over the surface of the ocean, look at all the waves breaking, look at the water rising toward the sky and each time come crashing down with force. It takes courage to dive under and look from within. Can we hold our breath long enough?

Follow the snap of the whip down its length to the source of its affect and you might be surprised to see that the hand that wields it is not from another all-powerful being but rather your own. But the you who is holding the whip is different from the you who is watching it. For everyday, every second, we change… subtly but surely, we change into another person, who looks and acts very nearly the same as his predecessor but who with no degree of uncertainty moves ever so differently in the same world.

We are the makers of our own universe, for the universe in us (and each one of us has our own), exists only in our own beliefs and perceptions. We are as much a part of the universe, as it is of us. It is not a sum of parts making the whole, it is the whole that sums up to each part. The real power is in controlling yourself from within and changing yourself by controlling your understanding of the things that make you you. If you could reduce the number of things that define you, you would be sufficiently outside the confines of such definition to be perceived in any form or factor that the universe can be made up of.