Human Nature

Nature is something that is not separate from or different from or from us humans.  This is something that seems quite a no-brainer but this thought does not reflect in our daily lives as the house-keepers of our planet.  This is the lesson that we have learnt in the past few years.  Though we “talk” of how nature/environment or the world in general is important and that we should protect it, we seldom stop thinking to see how this is so.

In reality as someone once said “It is not the world that needs saving, but humans.  The world existed before us and will do so after us (perhaps…)”.  So we are working… or should be working to save ourselves!  But why do we need to do this?  Is the planet out to kill us?  It doesn’t seem so.  We have existed through a million years without any technology protecting us and the planet had enough power to wipe us out.  Now why do we speak of saving?  The only thing that has changed is us.  The way we look at things and the way things are, these differences or similarities shape our future on this planet.

Coming back to less intense thoughts, everything we see on the planet (other than the man-made stuff) was designed to co-exist and survive, including us.  So it stands to reason that we were a part of a larger system of balance.  This balance includes everything that we consider good (the good food, the great weather, etc) and bad (disease, drought, etc).  The balance however is not between the good and the bad but between the different forms of life on this planet.  How the connections play out decides good and bad for each species.

We should strive to play a role that is more active in, not the designing of new things but the use of nature’s design to drive a better bargain for our survival.


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