Just Stories

This is just a bunch of stories that got cooked up in my mind as a result of various conversations with friends.  Some are going nowhere, some are going somewhere, but it was interesting to think about these things.

Having been a big fan of The Terminator movies during my younger days and disappointed with the new ones in recent years, a conversation sparked off with friends led to an idea about what the story could have been like:

  1. Terminator – Redemption
  2. Terminator – Relapse
  3. Terminator – World War
  4. Terminator – Kyle vs Connor
  5. Terminator – The Journey of KASUMI
  6. Terminator – Recourse

Here is one that I started writing recently:

  1. The Peacock and the Princess
  2. Chapter 2: The Legacy of the Raiders of AkumaTora
  3. Chapter 3: Victories and Losses
  4. Chapter 4: The Divine Messenger
  5. Chapter 5: War on the Horizon
  6. Chapter 6: The Demon Awakens
  7. Chapter 7: The Princess Rises
  8. Chapter 8: And so it begins…
  9. Chapter 9: Shattered Ground
  10. Chapter 10: The Black Sea
  11. Chapter 11: White Fires
  12. Chapter 12: Raging Storm
  13. Chapter 13: Red Sky
  14. Chapter 14: Light
  15. Chapter 15: Sunset

And then there was one.  This one, I have no idea…

The Singular.