The double slit experiment of life

I cant remember what I did yesterday but it feels like everything that needed to be done is taken care of (strangely i do feel that i did a lot of things). I had this thought that the whole thing is like the double slit experiment and neither the slit nor the particles will listen to me if I try to tell them how to behave, but by letting them know that they are being observed or not being observed in a certain way changes the outcome. The trick though is figuring out when to drop in or drop out from the observation. There is however the years of “experience” and “training to control” (my programmer side 😦 ) that still tell the brain that there is a fixed way that the experiment must go and that the only way to do that is to control every action, reaction and aspect of the environment by “knowing” through constant observation. This is the trap that needs to be avoided…. well… At least the trap is visible now. Avoiding though is a totally different game with the brain :).. all in good time… hopefully…

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